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Rich pickups march ahead with Huawei Tech in Ethiopia

2017-04-15 11:17:52

On the vast continent of Africa, there are not only lions, zebras, elephants those we are familiar with, but also the Rich pickup from ZNA tirelessly running across this ancient land, all these will lead the people to beautiful life. Recently, Rich pickup has made a major success again in the African market, it was appointed as the only designated vehicle used in the base station construction in year 2017 for Huawei Ethiopia Branch, and the first 36 units pickup have been delivered to Huawei. Based on this cooperation with the background of government, ZNA will open up a new phase in African market.


The cooperation between ZNA and Huawei opened a new stage of renting instead of sale, not only improving the profit for ZNA dealers and brand image, but also creating a new road to develop overseas market for domestic independent brands in African market.

At the beginning of 2017, Huawei acquired a 70% share of the national mobile base station construction project from the Ethiopian government, and started the project at the time of Rich pickup delivery ceremony. Huawei, with strong technical strength and the customer-oriented idea, acquired the whole base station construction projects in many countries in Africa; it has been the leader and forerunner to exert national strategy of "one belt one road ".

This is the first cooperation between ZNA and Huawei. In the process of bidding, Rich pickup has beaten powerful rivals such as Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi etc., then acquired the cooperation agreement successfully.


Rich pickup has the same technology and quality standard as Nissan brand, and now they are used in various industries all over the world enjoying good reputation due to high durability and reliability. The excellent performance is also seen by domestic and foreign cross-country rally, created the brilliant achievement of “champion pickup, pickup champion”. With champion quality, Rich pickup won the affirmation of Huawei.

We believe that there will be more and more Rich pickups appearing in Africa continent in the future. And we will march ahead and bring more value to our customers.